Posts 4520: Printer Troubleshooting Tips

HP Officejet 4520 is a wireless printer suitable for home and office as you can do printing, scanning, faxing and copying the document with this printer. It has several excellent features that make it best as compared to other HP printer models. This printer also offers mobile printing solutions to print the documents from any mobile device. Steps of Troubleshooting HP Officejet 4520 Paper Jam Error Follow below instructions for troubleshooting paper jam error from 4520 printer: Firstly, turn off your printer device and unplug the power cord to clear paper jam error from HP Officejet 4520 printer device. Always prefer to use lint-free cloth to clean the pressure roller on the rear access door of your printer device.  Remove the paper from your printer device if you find any paper jam on any side of your printer. Also, remove the crushed papers from 4520. If you find any debris sticking on the printer device then remove it so that you can

Steps to Print Documents from 6978

HP Officejet 6978 printer is one of the excellent HP printer that can print, copy, scan and fax. You can easily connect your 6978 printer with your laptop, computer, smartphone or tablet by establishing wired or wireless connection. Before starting the printing process, you have to setup your printer that include unboxing, establishing connection with power supply, installing ink cartridges, loading papers and downloading printer driver package. 6978 printer is a best choice when place of usage is small such as home or small office. The printing quality of this printer is average but it satisfy the needs and expectations of users. It offers several multiple connectivity options that improves the performance of your printer. It is a user-friendly printer which helps the user in using myriad features offered by HP Officejet 69978 printer. All the functions and features of this printer make it efficient and enhanced. Some of the features of 123.hp.

How to Unbox 3830 Printer?

HP Office-jet 3830 printer is a multi-functional printer that supports printing, scanning, faxing and copying. This printer also supports mobile printing and cloud printing with which you can print the documents from any where and at any time. It is specially designed for business oriented jobs as well as home. Its printing speed is fast. It also supports duplex printing. You can easily buy this printer at low cost. 3830 printer results a high-printing quality output. This printer is able to print 11 pages per minute for black and white text and 4 pages a minute for color print out. It uses three colors for color printing such as yellow, magenta and cyan. Color printing is quite costly as compared to black and white printing. It also has Wi-Fi direct technology which connects you directly with your Wi-Fi enabled devices. With this printer, you can print the document without connecting to a local network or internet. To use this printer effectively, you hav

Best Ways to Solve HP Printer Issues at

Today, HP printers are used by several number of users in all over the world. It is mainly famous for giving larger production and high-quality output. printers are come along with ink cartridges due to which you can produce consistent print out with high quality at a great speed. Anyone can afford these printers very easily. It has the ability to produce large volume of print out. HP printers comes with various models having excellent features. Anyone can easily setup and install this printer by accessing At this website, you also get the suitable printer driver for your printer, steps of loading papers into input paper tray and procedure to setup and install HP printer. This printer supports duplex printing, cloud printing and mobile printing. Steps to Solve Issues of HP Printers Most of the times, users complaints that they face the problem during printing the document or image. The first thing that you have to do is to determine the problem that whe

Steps to Setup 4520 Printer

HP Envy 4520 is a multi functional printer that can print, scan, copy and fax the document. If you want to print a high-quality document then you firstly have to setup your printer and install the latest printer driver software. Setup of a printer make it convenient for the users to obtain excellent printing. This printer comes with wired or wireless connection setup feature. You can easily setup your printer to get wireless connectivity to print documents. How to Setup Ink Cartridge for HP Envy 5420 Printer? Firstly, turn on your HP Envy 5420 printer. Open the cover where ink cartridge is placed. Remove the cover and packaging of ink cartridge and place it at safe place. Turn off your 4520 printer for sometime and turn it on. Take a print out of a test page. If you faced any error then follow below steps carefully. Remove the dirt from the cartridge. Place cartridge back in the carriage after making it dirt-free. Turn off your printer for a minute. Turn o

How to Connect HP Printer to Mobile Phones Through

Image is a website for downloading HP printer driver or software. It enables the user to do effortless printing in all over the world without facing any issue. It allows you to setup your HP printer by providing step by step guidance to setup your HP printer. It is a place where a user can easily update the printer and use it effectively. This web page assists you with the setup and installation of the printer driver.  Before starting the printing process and to print the documents effectively with high-print quality, you have to connect your HP printer to router. For this, you firstly have to turn on your wireless printer. You can also use touch screen display to setup HP printer. In the next step, you have to press the setup button which is at the right side corner of the screen. After that, you have to select your network from the setup menu. Open network menu and choose wireless network setup wizard. will search all the wireless routers that are available in t

How to Connect 6978 to Windows and Mac?

With different models of HP printers, you can start your business effectively with easy and fast setup of printer without compromising the quality and speed of printing the documents and images. HP Envy 6978 printer is one of the HP printers used for reliable business provides time-saving and high-quality printing features. This printer supports automatic two-sided printing. It plays a crucial role in enhancing the performance of your business. It enhance business work by allowing users to do printing, copy, scan, fax and access the web directly from 6978 printer. For hassle-free working experience, you can also print the documents from different mobile phones, tablets and other devices. 6978 printers are having the common features same as that of other printer models of HP. There are some differences in this printer that would attract the customers.  Simple Steps to Connect HP Printer to Windows Firstly, click on the Start button on your